Which one will you choose? Plaque & tartar build up on teeth & gums causing bad breath, bleeding gums, gum disease which can lead to tooth loss. Now research shows that it can also cause Heart Disease, Respiratory Conditions, Arthritis and affect blood sugar levels in Diabetes.

Dental Hygiene Treatments Birmingham

It is obvious why hygiene treatments are important. But our patients also like their teeth to look less stained, therefore we have incorporated several stain removal techniques into our treatments. We can help you to choose which Hygiene treatment is suitable for you.

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What It Costs

To remove all plaque & tartar gathering on your teeth & gums. Usually for someone who had a cleaning around 6 months ago. 30 mins

For someone that has not had a hygiene for a few years and therefore have a lot of build up. 45 mins

Removal of all plaque, tartar, & focus on staining, leaving you dazzling. Different aids are used to clean the teeth, Aquapolish stain removal is included. The best cleaning! 45 mins

To remove all surface staining

Spread the cost of your treatment with 0% interest finance. Use our finance calculator to see how you can spread the cost of your treatment and make it more affordable.

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