We offer the latest in teeth straightening, also known as Orthodontics. We can treat a wide range of problems such as crowded teeth, crooked teeth, teeth that stick out (‘goofy’ teeth), unwanted gaps and much more. We use Dental Monitoring to track our patient’s progress weekly. Click on the link below to find out more.

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We offer fixed ceramic braces (tooth coloured), metal braces, gold braces, and fixed lingual braces (at the back of your teeth). We are not Orthodontic Specialists but have undertaken several prestigious qualifications in the field to deliver great results for all of our happy patients.

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Teeth Straightening Birmingham

An increasing number of adults are seeking teeth straightening treatments in Birmingham to improve the appearance and alignment of their teeth. Teeth straightening has become more popular and accessible in recent years with the development of clear aligners and other innovative orthodontic technologies.

What Does Teeth Straightening Include?

Among Birmingham’s latest teeth straightening (orthodontics) services are:

  • Fixed Retainers
  • Removable Clear Retainer
  • Hawley Retainer
  • Vivera Retainers
  • Braces – Ceramic braces (tooth coloured), Metal braces, Gold braces, and Fixed lingual braces

How Much Do Retainers And Braces Cost?

Straightening one’s teeth is a big investment, but keeping them looking good is a lifelong effort. Fixed Braces generally start from £2500 depending on the type and level of correction needed. However, costs may differ for options such as Metal braces, Gold braces, and Fixed lingual braces.

Retainer costs, conversely, vary depending on the type utilised. A Removable Clear Retainer initiates at £150 per arch, while a Fixed Retainer may average around £180 per arch. Additionally, the Hawley Retainer can cost around £200 per arch and the Vivera Retainers at £430 for 2 arches.

How Experienced Birmingham Dentists Can Help With Teeth Straightening?

Be sure to select experienced Birmingham dental professionals if you are looking to transform crooked, crowded, or gapped smiles into straight, healthy ones. Their experience allows them to accurately diagnose issues and develop tailored treatment plans based on each patient’s specific orthodontic needs. They know how to properly position teeth roots and jaws for optimal function and aesthetics. The treatment time is shorter, and the progress between visits is more predictable and faster.

Factors To Consider Before Selecting The Perfect Teeth Straightening Experts In Birmingham

  • Experience with the latest straightening techniques
  • Extensive before/after photo galleries
  • Convenient appointment availability
  • Free virtual or in-person consultation
  • Comfortable and friendly office environment
  • Budget-friendly fees
  • Finance options

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Finance Your Teeth Straightening Treatment In Birmingham

Teeth Straightening Costs

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Spread the cost of your treatment with 0% interest finance. Use our finance calculator to see how you can spread the cost of your treatment and make it more affordable.

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